black & white family portrait sessions

using light to bathe each image with the glow of freshness and luminosity

My original passion will always be a part of my love of photography and I still get several requests a year for a black & white photography session.  With a  focus on the two-legged creatures, I use natural light to bathe each image with the glow of freshness and luminosity, without sacrificing sharpness or clarity. I am happy to photograph in the comfort of your home or on location — whichever you and your child prefer. These sessions typically last from 1 to 2 hours, and can include mom, dad, brothers, sisters, grandparents and of course, pets.

I feel strongly that a child’s portrait is “a pictorial biography”. It is a record of childhood to always remember and cherish – these are truly photographs for a lifetime.

b&w session faq

what can I expect to happen during the session?

There is very little agenda or plan to my photo sessions. The sessions are meant to capture the individual, personal glimpses that are distinctive to you and your family.

what should we wear?

Because I shoot for black & white, color and texture are very important when selecting clothing. Denim, Linen or knit is perfect. Black and white are the best colors. Also, the more bare skin the better. Try to avoid any tight clothing for a few hours before your session. This will keep skin free of lines.

how long will the session take?

The length of the session varies, depending on the number of subjects as well as their ages. An adult sessions take about 45 minutes. This of course depends on the number of family members that will also be involved. Sessions involving babies and children take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours. This allows for breaks and feedings. If your child is sick or simply have a bad day the day of your scheduled session, please consider rescheduling so that we can be sure that you have the best possible results.